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freie Plätze Business English A1/A2

(Kassel, vhs, Wilhelmshöher Allee 19 - 21, Raum 308, ab Di., 12.9., 18.15 Uhr )

F√ľr Teilnehmende mit Vorkenntnissen, die Englisch im Beruf brauchen und ihre Kenntnisse systematisch und anhand praxisnaher Beispiele erweitern m√∂chten.
Kursbuch wird im Kurs bekannt gegeben.

freie Plätze Online: Business English A2

(, Online, ab Di., 12.9., 17.00 Uhr )

Welcome to our Online A2 Business English Course! This course is made for students who already have a basic understanding of English and want to improve their language skills in a business setting. During this course, you will learn essential business vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills that are relevant to a variety of professional situations, such as meetings, negotiations, and presentations.
You will also develop your writing skills for business purposes, including email writing and report writing.
By the end of the course, you will have the confidence and ability to communicate effectively in English in various business contexts. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity - enroll in our A2 Business Course today and take your career to the next level!
Der Kurs findet √ľber das Videokonferenzsystem Zoom statt. Den Link zur Veranstaltung erhalten Sie rechtzeitig vor Beginn.
Lehrbuch wird im Kurs bekannt gegeben.

freie Plätze Business English B1

(Kassel, vhs, Wilhelmshöher Allee 19 - 21, Raum 403, ab Do., 14.9., 18.15 Uhr )

Are you looking to improve your English skills for the workplace? Do you want to communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, and partners? If so, this course is the perfect solution for you! Our course covers a range of key areas, including:
Business Vocabulary and Terminology: Learn common business terms, jargon, and expressions used in different industries and sectors.
Business Writing Skills: Develop effective writing skills for business emails, reports, and presentations. Learn about the conventions of business writing, such as tone, style, and format.
Presentation and Meeting Skills: Practice delivering effective presentations, participating in meetings, and negotiating in English. Develop your listening and speaking skills through role-plays and simulations.
Cultural Awareness: Learn about cultural differences and sensitivities in business communication. Understand the social and cultural norms that influence communication in different cultures and countries.
Basis for Business B1, New Edition (ISBN: 978-3-06-121850-8), ab Lektion 1

freie Plätze Online: Business English B1

(, Online, ab Do., 28.9., 18.15 Uhr )

Aside from using our English book, this course will also be your Business English Club B1, where you can talk, discuss and have fun.
The group decides on the reading material.

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Das Programmheft Herbst/Winter 2023/24

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